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Sites you can visit

1-temp02The goal of this site is to show you locations where you can visit old growth forests in the northwestern part of the United States.If you visit the Pacific Northwest and donít touch one of our giant Douglas Fir trees then you have not really visited the Pacific Northwest.


Most peopleís first thought about old growth trees is that they are hidden way back in the forests, miles from the nearest road.The fact is that there is a lot of old growth timber that you can drive right up to and we have even found some trees that you care reach from your car window without getting out of your car.


When we started on this project we thought it was going to be hard to find old growth forests and what old growth forest was left was diminishing quickly.


What we have found is quite the opposite.There is a staggering amount of virgin old growth forest left in the Pacific Northwest.Much of it was set aside by the original developers of the Pacific Northwest.They were as impressed by 1-temp02the giant trees as the rest of us and they set aside large blocks of old growth forest lands.More has been set aside in parks in the lowlands.Much of the forests that still remain have not been logged because there are no roads into the areas where they exist.In recent years most of these areas have been made into parks so that the forests will never be cut.


The photo at the top of the page shows what happens at the end of a road that is access to a trail into an old growth forest.Often there is a traffic jam. Lowland old growth forests in convenient locations see a lot of traffic.All of us want to walk among the giant forests.


We have only touched the surface of where to see old growth forest where you can walk among the giants.









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